Gaia is the Greek goddess who personified Earth. She emerged from Chaos and brought forth Uranus, the god of the sky, and Pontus, the god of the sea, to be her companions. She is the original deity and the ancestor of Zeus, Hera and other Greek deities.

In honor of this goddess, James Lovelock gave the name Gaia to his theory that the Earth, including all of its living and inorganic matter, is a single entity that regulates itself to maintain favorable conditions for life. He created this theory after working on NASAʼs
planetary exploration program and theorizing about conditions that indicated the
presence of life on planets. He postulated that lifeʼs interaction with the Earth and its inorganic matter maintains Earth in a state hospitable to life. As I like to say,  Earth nurtures life and life nurtures Earth.

The Greek myth and Lovelock’s Theory inspired the blog’s name but the blog itself was inspired by the sensuous beauty of nature. Whenever I walk in nature, my first impression is the vivid colors. I love looking at green leaves against the blue of the sky and the water.  I also notice the smells, whether it is smell of wet dirt after a rain or the sweet fragrance of magnolias or lilacs. My hearing is stimulated by the songs and squawking of birds. Most of all though, I enjoy the serenity and clarity I feel when I walk in nature, particularly among trees.

In this blog, I plan to explore the beauty, wonder, and Oneness of Earth, as well as the
nurturing relationship between the Earth and its living creatures. I hope that this
exploration sparks discussion with readers and creates a community as enthralled with nature as I am.

Please join me as I explore the beauty, wonder and Oneness of Earth.


1 thought on “Gaia

  1. Some of my most miraculous experiences in life…have been with Mother Gaia!! She is compassionate, patient, and all~inspiring!! Thank You for sharing your LIGHT with us here!! Please write more!! Let it flow…like the force of the eternal life~giving water and ever~whispering wind…LET IT FLOW!!!

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